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I found excellent website and I decided to me it announcement because I know that many who love Cuba and specifically Cayo Largo will appreciate this announcement! In order for all of us to stay in knowledge with latest news about this island I would like you to come and join FORUM CUBA and start asking questions or just simply if you have information to share or you just came back from island why not share with others. It is simply free to join and post your questions or if you wish not to participate you still can read lots of information or check latest photos and videos of Cayo Largo. They have full section called FORUM CUBA where you will be able to chat about other Cuban travel destinations, cities, towns or simply read hotel reviews!

Cayo Largo del Sur is one the largest of 300 keys and islets which compromise Los Canarreos Archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, located 177 km south of Havana.

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Cayo Largo del Sur stretches along 27 km of virgin beaches with warm and crystal-clear waters. The sand is very fine, white and permanently fresh, characteristics which are unlikely to be found in another site in Cuba and rarely in the world. The always-turquoise sky contrasts magnificently with the white coral sand. The moderate tropical weather boasts an average temperature of 27c and has few rainfalls.


Tainos Indians lived here 800 years ago. This place is a natural kingdom of ecological beauty in perfect balance that is home to 350 iguanas, chelonian, pelicans, parrots, and herons. The sea contains colorful and varied fauna, as well as a 19 nautical mile coral reef where different kinds of black coral can be admired in less than 35 m of water. A diversified flora characterized by coastal vegetation and four species of mangroves decorate the old dunes and beaches.  

Cayo Largo del Sur has more than thirty diving sites and one International Diving Center. There is also International Marina, with state of the art equipment and services available. Interesting excursions, tours and all sorts of water recreation events are organized.

The beautiful landscapes found on the keys and their special features make Cayo Largo del Sur one of the most attractive destinations in Cuba and world.


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So if you have chance to visit Cuba or Cayo Largo do it as soon as you can as Cayo Largo is real paradise on earth and after first visit you will wish to come many more times to Cayo Largo.
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