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Nudism in Cayo Largo is allowed. This is only spot in Cuba where nudism is allowed
so if you are afraid and shy of other people but you would like to have more freedom
and to feel bare take walk on the beach or rent a car and pick your spot for nice
sun bun tanning! Nudist are not on the main beach but mostly on the each end of
the beach so if you don't want to see naked people please stay in center of the beach
where is bar and beach volleyball field. Anyway if you decide to go and take your
clothes off be responsible for your behaviors and respect others privacy
and find yourself nice spot where you can enjoy white sand
on the part of Cayo Largo nudist beach .

Nudism on Cayo Largo is allowed by Cuban Government!
Nudists on Cayo Largo beach

Cayo Largo nudism is rated one of the top spots for nudists.

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